Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Not Another Post About Pie

Walking past the Swiss Haus Bakery confirmed that the whoopie pie craze is still on strong. That's after the NYT love letter ran. Whoopie is in, but think about it: it's cake on cake, the cupcake of Oreo. Vegan Treats has been popping out these lovelies for years - in pumpkin, mint, peanut butter, and regular.

The pie that is whoopie has always been on my mind. There's something about whoopie pie that gets people all starry-eyed and weak. Nothing sophisticated about it. Calorie jammed and gloriously messy, yet most decidedly fun.

Everyone knows I major in Pie, but sometimes I slip into Cake, particularly if it includes the word Pie in it. My Boston Creme Pie is arguably better than most pie I have made. After baking up a fleet of whoopie pies, I found that my caking skills are truly getting there. I'm proud of enough of these that I'd consider a blind taste test up against the Amish version. Sometimes cocky is plain right.

Don't ask about my shoo-fly, though. I wasn't born with those jewels.

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