Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rx and the Curious Case of Burnt Vrapple

Set up BYO shop in a former pharmacy. Make playful menu consisting of New American remedies, emphasis on seasonal bounty and handshake extension to vegetarian palate. Furnish with local art and medicinal tchotchkes. Throw in a retro Coke machine for kicks. Fill stainless mugs with soothing amounts of piping hot joe. You are RX in West Philly, a brunch prescription for the peckish on high Spruce.

Do me the pancakes, hold the chocolate chips, enough bites for the great hours ahead. The pale, slighty underdone cakes are a batter lover's drug of choice. French toast is fixed with Grape-Nuts for the nutritionally aware. Eggs Florentine holds steady with the green. Orders of Vrapple, that lower in fat veggie scrapple alternative that one might scoff at, are burnt bricks banished back to the kitchen. They return as lightly fried loaves, edible and much tastier when topped with apple butter.

The atmosphere, however, makes up for the few missteps. I'll return for dinner when I come down with that West Philly fever.

Rx, 4443 Spruce St.

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