Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Sweet Potato Roll: Year-Round Thanksgiving Veg

For the longest time, vegetarian sushi was an easy, wholly unexciting decision. Cucumber or avocado. A or B. A feast of why-bother. You were better off buying a whole cucumber and eating a bowl of cold rice, alternating bites.

Then things happened. Years went by. We showed up.

Now, seafood-less sushi with a zing is the norm. You'll find options like potato, fried tofu, tempura, shitake, multi-grain, and asparagus. Sushi every day and you? You could. But add a vitamin, please.

My flexitarian assistant and I have been fast on the tracks of the veggie sushi revolution. Last night we popped into Vic Sushi Bar for their sweet potato roll special, and walked out with three other rolls as well: avocado, seaweed salad, and fried tofu (inari). The avocado is nothing special, but it's sort of a must. The seaweed salad was the most complex, with its refreshing crispness and slight tang. I was all over the sweet potato roll, which had regular potato inside, too. The sweetness of it was a nice kick. The fried tofu is also exceptional, with the chewiness of the tofu adding an interesting texture to the roll.

Vic Sushi Bar, 2035 Sansom St.,

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BradyDale said...

I had lost track of this site for some time. Glad I found it again and very happy to get over to Rittenhouse and try a sweet potato roll.