Friday, April 24, 2009

Veg Out: Honest Tom's

When I heard that someone was french pressing Stumptown from a lunch truck near Drexel, I came to like a drunk that decides it's not too early to start drinking.

Everywhere I turn, I see Duane Sorenson. Be it inside NY Mag or in the shiny metallic future of my coffee spoon, the founder of Portland's Stumptown Coffee and I have not actually crossed paths. I truly believed that I had never tasted the Pacific Northwestern black gold.

So when I did set upon the leisurely 15-block trek, when I did blacken my mouth with the soul of Portland, and when I did instantly feel like I was another person - admittedly, a cowboy with breasts - it wasn't the first time.

I had sipped Stumptown before. I knew this. It had happened in an alley at San Francisco's Four Barrel, a coffeeshop that had carried Stumptown beans up until January of this year, when they started roasting their own.

There was something about this hearty lava that knew me and understood my needs.
I know what. I do go overboard.

It was a $1.50 to Honest Tom, who looked so right that I had to order a breakfast taco from him.

For $2.50, Honest Tom's will do a scrambled egg and potato dance partnered with fresh guacamole and salsa on the floor of a soft taco. Some days there is chicken. Other days there is steak. But always, always, friends, if you look like you need it, there is breakfast. Currently, they are working on a bean or seitan version.

The correct way to feast is to lean against someone's car, maybe your own, and lean over slightly into your taco. Immediately wash with coffee. It is like a condiment here, and the flavors move like two leads, so that you're always wanting to keep up with one.

Honest Tom's, 33rd & Arch

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