Sunday, April 26, 2009

Veg Out: Kanella Brunch

Sunday. The sun burns your youth off with a puck of espresso shot.

Turn into Kanella, the Greece of Spruce Street. Mint iced tea, Greek frappes, the road to satisfaction is paved with hummus. It doesn't matter how many times, it's always time.

You looked the weekend in the eye. It took you back.

The two of you went in the corner and had the Kanella platter. You figured that it had everything you wanted, even if the shaksouka did make a pass at you. Approximately one falafel sphere, a zucchini fritter, cool borders of tsatziki and white bean salad, plump stuffed grape leaves, spicy tomato salad, and pita. Somehow you stayed away from the grilled halloumi, but you'll go back. Grilled halloumi is like vegetarian Grecian BBQ.

The piercing blue eyes of chef Konstantinos Pitsillides channel every bodice-ripper you can think of.

Kanella, 10th & Spruce

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