Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brought to you by the Letter V

Verde: 13th's newest tenant is a chocolate and flower combo-shop from Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney (Bindi, Lolita, Grocery, Open House, the World). Enticed by the outside display of low-priced house plants, I ventured in searching for a vase, only to be distracted by the various garden tools, floral arrangements, and respectably-chosen merch. S & T could pretty much sell me anything at this point, as long as they placed it in a shop on 13th Street, put up one of their signature signs, and pumped the scent of clean design and innovation into the air. That's just how they do it.

Opt to disagree? Fine, but not over the chocolate. Crafted in a kitchen in the back, encased in a show of inspired tastes, buy four truffles if you've stopped behaving and eight if you plan on sharing. My recommends ahead.

Lolita: peanutty-ridged truffle packing heat
Mexican coffee: chocolate shards of truffle with slick coffee innards
Rose Tattoo: Sailor Jerry rum running with the chocolate pack
Coffee Whiskey: looks like Rose Tatt, tastes like night dripping into morning

Verde, 108 South 13th St.

Varga Bar: Closely related to Verde in that it's cheffed by Evan Turney (Marcie's bro), Varga was packing them in and out this weekend. They've completely maxed out the sidewalk with tables at 10th & Spruce, and while it's not super veg, there's the power of beer and night air. We picked out a trio of American cheeses - the bourbon-misted Up in Smoke (tasted like Greek yogurt, always in a good way), Crater Lake Blue, and a creamy block of San Andreas. Not bad, but hard to fudge up, right? There's also a salad that we can pick at - it had heirloom tomato, grape tomatoes, and Burrata cheese. Keep the heirloom, drop the grape, there's no way any other tomato can dance on the same stage as a ripe heirloom.

Varga Bar, 10th & Spruce

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