Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candy Bar Vegans

There are vegans who dream about candy bars. Vegans that don't consider Larabars majestic enough. Portland-based company Go Max Go swooped in and veganized America's candy bar prototypes, so that vegan junk foodists nationwide could re-experience the satisfaction of Snickers. Then they sent me samples of all four flavors, and I had no idea what to do with them.

1) I don't eat candy bars. At least I thought I didn't eat candy bars. The concept hurts my brain.

2) I like chocolate and nuts. I like them separate, not together.

3) These are still high in fat and empty calories, with low fiber and jacked with sugar.

4) But. They. Are. FUN.

Jokerz: My boyfriend ate this one in the middle of the night. He thought it was too good to be true/vegan and warned me to get rid of the rest of them before he ate them all. This is modeled after a Snickers bar, with peanuts, caramel, nougat, and a rice-milk chocolate coating. AHA, you consumed rice milk, baby.

Mahalo: Missing your afternoon Mounds/Almond Joy? I wish this was dark chocolate, but it's the same rice-milk chocolate in the other bars. The texture of the coconut is exactly like a Mounds bar. This would probably be extra good frozen.

Buccaneer : This is better than a Three Musketeers and I know this because every Halloween, I usually have a mini one. It's the chocolate nougat. I have soft moments.

Twilight: By far, the tastiest, and yet they were all very delightful and convincing. The Twilight is pure Milky Way, with rich innards of caramel goo and nougat fluff. You will keep looking at the wrapper just to make sure it's vegan. The wrapper is a gorgeous pale purple. Bonus for style.

These are not available in stores in Philadelphia yet, but you can order them online from a few different sites at Go Max Go.

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