Friday, May 1, 2009

Outer Horizons

Snagging a table at Horizons at the last minute is often a game of chance. With the addition of outdoor seating and the renovated downstairs now in operation, there's now a greater shot at consumptory pleasure. The sidewalk tables are open to anyone that happens to be strolling up 7th Street.

The cocktail menu has a new look, now with a downstairs bar to execute it. Just like in the old days. Our party of three sucked down South Philly Slings, a right hit of Bluecoat gin, Campari, and agave.

The ever-precious focaccia always stays the same, rightly so. You can't mess with some things.

For once, I stayed away from the protein-aplenty entrees, and composed my meal from the appetizers. The graceful portobella carpaccio held tender strips of the juicy forest flesh, drizzled with enough oil to satisfy, and black olive blini. The chopped salad was bright with tiny chunks of creamy avocado, cactus, and crouton. I snuck a bite of the salt-roasted golden beets and peppercorn tofu housed in creaminess.

Horizons, 611 S. 7th St.,

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