Friday, May 29, 2009

Veg Out: Farmicia and the Summer Ale

This is what my ideal dinner looks like. There's not one bit of meat substitute to be found on the Veggie Plate at Farmicia. As I like small tastes of things, I often seek out platters. I did not imagine that this massive amount of colorful yet simple wonders would arrive. I was expecting something underwhelming. Poached pear with golden raisins, white bean spread, toast points in apple couscous, a rice pilaf, more white beans, asparagus spears, sugarsnap peas, broccoli, mushrooms, and a hunk of sweet potato. The vegetarian sous chef comes up with daily spins on this.

It's time for the Summer Ale.

My partner had the rosemary tofu, and while we found that the rosemary flavor was pleasant and the overall dish partnered with white beans and broccoli was satisfying, it wasn't anything spectacular. Ever since Rich from Horizons showed us how to properly grill tofu, I have been obsessed with making it. You would pay $22 for my tofu. Then you would tip me and buy my pan and ask me what the great secret of life is.

We departed sated, with leftover veggie plate and a fetching black straw fedora slipped over my brain cells. The brain cells that are strong enough to survive the arduous lot of vegetarianism (someone said that to me once and then promptly died from not knowing enough).

Farmicia, 15 S 3rd Street

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