Thursday, May 7, 2009

Veg Out: Que Chula Es Puebla

I think I have my new favorite byo taqueria. The neon-flagged Que Chula es Puebla is the one thing I would venture to 2nd and Master for.

The top of the waitress's head is lucky to meet my chest, but I place my taco-centric future into this lady's hands.

This blog can't tell you how exact the chips are. They are precise. Sticking up like tombstones in a plot of guacamole, they haunt. The previous hour spent injecting tequila at Cantina Dos Segundos slipped away immediately. Cinco de Mayo is the one holiday that I obey.

Que Chula gives an eggplant torta on that pillowy Mexican bread, spread lightly with mayo and the souls of babies. It's the vegetarian sandwich of the moment.

They do a veggie burrito that's heavy on the rice. Can't call it a burrito without the beans, I say. It wasn't in the same league as the burritos at Jose's or Los Jalapenos, and I wouldn't order it again, knowing this. But I'm looking forward to the other meatless wonders on the menu.

It was the air in Que Chula that won me over. The kitchen was lively, the small dining room even more so, with free Coronas and complimentary frozen margaritas cast about. The lighting was eerie and wonderful. The music didn't make me feel like a fraud. I've served a good two years at South Philly Taqueria Row, and I've never been in love. Que Chula is still new, but it very well could be more than a one night stand.

Que Chula es Puebla, 2nd & Master

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