Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Above Par

Shortly after discovering that diet Cane Cola was severely vegetarian, the inquisitive party came upon eleven o'clock on a Sunday. A perilous hour on the block of Poplar at 2nd is managed in a bevy of ways.

1) Blood orange and watermelon mimosas
2) Coffee washed with tequila
3) Oh, right, we should "eat".
4) Egg + potato + tempeh scramble
5) Brunch burrito
6) French toast with the top-secret cinnamon bread that Cantina Dos Segundos bakes daily.
4) Vegetarian refried black beans

Not stopping, never slowing, and always wondering, the lush band relocated to Franklin Square for a sweltering round of highly competitive mini golf. 2/3 even rode the carousel.

Cantina Dos Segundos, 931 N. 2nd Street
Franklin Square, 6th and Race Streets

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