Monday, June 8, 2009

And the Award for the Veggiest Pizza Goes to...

Home Slice.

You could likely secure more nutrients from the vegan pizzas at this Liberties Walk pizzeria than any pie pusher city-wide. If you're into that sort of thing. No, there's nothing wrong with your red and mostly off-white slice. I ain't say that.

In a pizza rut, a whole-wheat pie with vegan almond cheese, basil, spinach, and veggie sausage is a hot girl calling you back.

Almond cheese. Ring again. Our pie came loaded generously with the crumbly homemade cheese that resembled ricotta in texture and recalled parmesan in flavor. One lactose-intolerant homeboy went nuts for it. If you're crazy about dairy cheese, I wouldn't recommend this. It doesn't match the melted goodness of regular cheese, but it's better for you than those overprocessed substitutes.

We were surprised again that the pie was covered in basil and spinach, when most pizzerias skimp on these. The sausage was plentiful, too, and paired really well with the basil.

The whole wheat crust turned a little soggy within a few hours. Maybe it was the cheese, or the fact that it was sitting out while I was out reporting? It crisped right back up after hitting the fridge. It was delicious the day after.

Home Slice, Liberties Walk

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J. Phillips said...

Yum. This was good. Really, really good.