Tuesday, June 30, 2009

City Eats: Metro Granola

Way back when Flax Club started, we didn't know how our love of Metropolitan Bakery granola would fit in. For one thing, it doesn't. EVEN. have. flax. in. IT.


Then Metro went ahead and added two new flavors: Coffee Chocolate Chip and Pomegranate Cinnamon.

Squeezed, wondering what everyone would think of us, we bought the Coffee Chocolate Chip. (We don't do pomegranate).

There's coffee in it.
I look at you. Coffee. It's a laidback kind of sweet. Bits of chocolate. Maple-wrapped almonds. Captivating oats and seductive grains. Wholesome enough to be a flaxologist's truce.

Swallow it with soy milk. Yogurt. A hard day.

1 comment:

bhiladelphia said...

so it's not candy. this is good news. thanks.