Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Valid Case of $7.50 Challah Bread

I didn't realize that Challahman Michael Dolich's goods cost so much.

Fortunately, there was some whole wheat challah and regular egg challah in the discount bin at the Fair Food Farmstand. Even the discounted bread clocked in at $5.25. Kaplan's, Whole Foods, and DiBruno Bros are all selling challah loaves for a much lower price. I wanted to complain. Then I untwisted the bag.

I severed the gnarled end hunk. Spread on a thin coat of Earth Balance. I ate.

When a man makes bread this good a few miles away, he may as well have my extra dollars. Dolich, from what I've learned, is not some crazed bread czar out to make a buck. He is not churning out product at the rate of a large company or with a workforce. He is not Kaplan's, which sells many other items from which they can count on a profit.

Finally, even his days-old discount bin challah is better than all that other play.

Delivery to Fair Food Farmstand is Fridays at 3pm, get it then. Four Worlds ordering instructions are here.

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