Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vegan Brunching

I picked up a copy of Vegan Brunch (after a five-minute hunt and assistance from an employee, who finally located the book in an unlikely place).

I took it home and promised that I would make vegan bagels.

That was two weeks ago. That was 14 days of perhaps one acceptable bagel in a coffee shop, some pretty decent coffee cake from Metro, and an extreme haze of work, life gathering, and shooting tedious looks at others.

Then, finally, at 10:30 last night, when real LIFE stuff was nowhere close to being done, we decided it was bagel time. The vegan bagel recipe from Vegan Brunch is very similar to the bagels we've made before, but we made a few key changes. First, we used filtered water. No, we did not have it shipped from New York like we should have. Even if this doesn't matter, it feels important. Second, we added millet to our batch. Why? Cuz we've got a boatload of millet in the cupboard, and yes, it feels right, too. We also used half whole wheat flour, half white. Is this getting too healthy for you yet?

After boiling, each bagel was given a sea salt or poppyseed dip, or honey glaze treatment before baking. No bagels were consumed before bed as part of some great test of will. This morning, the dense holes were slathered with cream cheese or vegan turkey salad (do not fight how good this is). Given that the norm bagel is gigantic, these were the perfect size. They were special, like birthday cake special. Yeah.

Next, as if to say hey, we are really using this Vegan Brunch cookbook, we turned out the Puttanesca Scramble for dinner. My diet is very low salt, I'm just not crazy about the mineral unless there's chocolate or gelato involved. I have historically low blood pressure. Considering that this dish had capers, olives, and salt, I thought it would taste like ocean. It was considerably saline, but not threatening. There were 6-8 cloves of garlic called for that didn't come across at all. Tofu scramble can either be humbling and dry or it can be spectacular. I've found ways to ensure the latter, and this recipe was not one of them.

I'll keep cooking. I am sure there are some definite keepers in this book, along with the bagels.

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SweetKaroline said...

Just found your blog!
thanks for the review on the bagels...have been meaning to try those out for awhile!