Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Veggie Burger Off: PoPE vs Noble

Pub on Passyunk East

: PoPE Veggie Burger
Weight: Heavy.
This is a substantial burger that belongs on a much thinner bun to do it justice. The crusty roll it was served on required lots of knife work.
Sides: You can and should order fries with this burger. They might come out cold, but at least they'd be better than the mistake of a side salad. Since this is a bar's bar, we know choosing salad over fries is a self-hating move.
Ketchup: Better with.
Accoutrements: Fried onion & tomato, mayo, cheese all taken seriously on this sandwich. Without its toppings, it could be less worthy.
Bun: Lose it.
Patty: Sink your teeth into it. Hearty kasha grains ground into utter pureness of heart. Falls apart.
Found at: PoPE, 1501 E Passyunk Ave.

Noble Cookery

Name: Noble Veggie Burger
Weight: Not quite as hefty as the Big PoPpa. Still enough to split with a largeman.
Sides: Three cornichons. Slightly crisp fries sprinkled with herbs. These frites are addictive.
Ketchup: It has to be freshly made. Zippy. Primary color red.
Accoutrements: Beet slice, special sauce, Mount Lettuce, cheddar. Is the beet the new tomato? I'm convinced.
Bun: Nice-sized. Patty-friendly.
Patty: Bean-based, but oddly meat-like. Falls apart, too. Not as tasty as the PoPE Mac.
Found at: Noble Cookery, bar menu, 2025 Sansom St.

Final Thoughts

You bet your ass I would order either burger again in a second's consideration. I was raised on the concept of "the burger". These days, I view food in a completely different way, but "the veggie burger" is something I crave a couple of times a month. I appreciate Noble's take as it binds the comfort of a classic burger with a cleaner feel and more thoughtful composition. I find the PoPE version a sloppy, extraordinary monster that was made for Friday nights and cheap tricks.


Erin said...

Weirdly, the burger doesn't appear on Noble's web menu. Do they have a separate lunch menu?

kdubz said...

They have a bar menu with a couple of different things, like a cheese plate, chickpea fries, and the veggie burger.

Nate said...

Not exactly an authority on the veggie burger, but I had a pretty darn delicious one with sauteed mushrooms at the Gold Standard Cafe in West Philly. Would definitely recommend it!