Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The 2nd St. Special: Covered in Soy Cheese and Speedwell / Juniper Extracts

Every turn I take, soy cheese awaits, from the processed Veggie Slices in a curious smoked provolone flavor that should taste like plastic but are oddly, well, nice, to the soy cheesy sandwiches proffered at the Palm Market. This time, it was the veggie chicken (they use a chicken-style seitan) on multigrain roll with soy cheese, Vegenaise, honey mustard, tomato, and lettuce that I took home. I passed by the Foodery intending to add some fermentation to my quick bite, discovering the Fentimans brand of beverages on sale there. The "botanically brewed" drinks shouted out their distinction from a lineup of otherwise familiar bottles. A stranger recommended the Shandy, but I was drawn to the Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger.
That throaty ginger snap with a lovely sediment made stuff register like I was drinking just-squeezed juice at a deadhead co-op owner's house party. Imagine what it could do for a cheap flute of bubbly on the way to Mimosa.

Palm Market, 717 N 2nd St.
Foodery, 837 N 2nd St.

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