Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cake Shots: Whipped Bakeshop

I have the biggest crush on Whipped Bakeshop right now. We ordered a chocolate-whiskey cake with caramel-whiskey buttercream, Jack-Daniels-style for a whiskey-lovin' birthday fool. That's a dowel in the middle to make the cake bottle stand up. The best part was the bottle top, which was half cake that we all took giant bites from. There was cake on the floor and dye on our hands, and we loved every second.

We continued our vegetarian birthday crawl at the Franklin (totally vegetarian bar, they serve no food at all) and then El Camino Real (double order of seitan wings for the table. seitan taco salads. potato/cactus burritos. seitan chile rellenos. seitan nachos. shots of Don Julio 1942. pecan pie mountain). Then, another vegetarian bar: 700 Club. A martini is a salad and you know this.