Monday, July 20, 2009

First Times: PYT

There's still plenty of development going on at PYT, but here's a first impression.

What seems like a vegan's nightmare (burgers, milkshakes, lobster fishsticks) is really more flexible than a 14-year-old gymnast. There's hot fried stuff for everyone.

Take the 'Shroom Burger, two portabellos deep-friend and stuffed with cheddar lava, sprinkled with Kettle chips and fried onions, on a toasted potato bun. Sock it to me again, but I'd add tomato next time for a little bit of acidity.

There's also a white bean and basil veggie burger that I'll get to next time. The distance between PYT and I looks like this.

The Ten Dollar Milkshakes (pumped up with shots) are mighty and so dairy-fied that they were a little intimidating to a couple of soy-milk drinkers. We were curious, though, so we sampled the Double Espresso that our friend could not finish. It made a point of being delicious and the prettiest girl at the table, all in one glass. How many of these do you need to get toasted? That's another post.

As if we really required more fried calories in one day, the extremely crispy french fries showed up in a clear paper bag glistening with oil. They were crunchy little bits, tossed with herbs, in a seemingly endless quantity.

Because I love us, I promise not to eat here every day. But it might be pretty often.

PYT at the Piazza, 1050 Hancock St.


Fluffy said...

I think they're gonna start doing homemade vegan cheese spread soon.. hopefully vegan ice cream and vegenaise too if I can also convince em on that front.

kdubz said...

That'd be wonderful. I am convinced that vegenaise is the greatest condiment of creation. I don't know how the vegan shakes would do (though you can get soy milk and vegan ice cream everywhere in NL and then just carry around a hand blender with you).