Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Most Effed Up Sweet Potato Roll in the Sushi-verse

Man, do I love it and pay me some for it.

This monster of a roll on the radio at Hikari in Liberties Walk is $8 ($9.50 with brown rice, the way I do it). Considering that my all-time favorite sweet potato roll is by Vic Sushi for under $4, I wondered how it could be worth it.

Then I saw it. Obese slabs of avocado, MANGO, and sweet potato tempura, with a pale green wrapper. It cuts into my workday with a bright lunch hello. I know how people are about sweet potatoes in the fall, but they really do something for me year-round. BBQs with sweet potato fries...and now this summery-looking sushi.

Hikari, Liberties Walk

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