Friday, July 17, 2009

Veg Out: Taco Riendo

The first time I had vegetarian tacos at Taco Riendo, I knew very little about tacos. I mean, I hadn't even lived in South Philly yet. I was whiter than tofu. All of my Czech blood overrides my Spanish left ass cheek.

Then I spent two years where over half my meals involved beans and rice and had no need to amble up North for some taco grease. Big mistake. I had forgotten how meticulous Taco Riendo was at providing me with happiness.

Vegetarian Taco: First up, I revisited the original bliss of the vegetarian taco. It was overstuffed with shredded lettuce, but underneath, it was damn near flawless.

Truck Driver Taco: Next to that, I had a "truck driver" taco with scrambled egg and jalapenos. Adjust the heat to your limit with the red or green salsa for a colorful and deadly ensemble.

Rice & Beans Plate: Always a good time, no matter what you're in for. Riendo's rice is zesty and orange-tinged, the hue of my blood when hockey season starts. Their black beans are purely vegetarian and free of lard, and again, Flyers colors. How could you not?

There's outdoor space, grilled corn on a cob, and breakfast burritos of many kinds. It sounds like Cantina, but with less drunk table-hoarding and fake meat. And it was here first. It's pure North Philly taco. You can show up at 9am and have it to yourself. Nobody thinks you're there just for the margaritas.

Taco Riendo, 1301 N. 5th St.

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