Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yogorino Opens in Time to Offset BBQ Intake

At last, Yogorino, the Italian yogurt shop that we have all walked by and wondered when and if would ever start operations, has come of age. Last night's soft opening proved that yogurt can overcome.

There is one flavor, original, and honestly, they can stop there. This is by far the creamiest frozen yogurt I have sampled in my extensive research. It has a faint beat of vanilla and is very similar in body to gelato. It makes those other yogurt places look like bad ex-boyfriends.

The interior is not vomit-inducing, but rather serene and mature. The toppings bar might seem familiar at first with all of the usual suspects (chopped fruits, sprinkles, granola) but there are some special toss-ins to consider here: dessert sauces in admirable flavors like pistachio or dark chocolate toffee. Obviously I wanted to stain my yogurt with green and chose the pistachio. The yogurt is extraordinary plain and needs nothing, since the blue plastic cups and spoons are more visually appealing than any amount of crushed up cookie.

I want to go back and repeat this.

Yogorino, 20th and Locust

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