Monday, September 7, 2009

Munich: Banana Salad & Imitation Sausage

I read about Prinz Myshkin before taking on Munich. I didn't want to go there because I thought I could be tough and eat potatoes, mushrooms, pretzels and the two boxes of Clif bars that we packed. Nobody comes to Munich for the food, but we found plenty of it.

During one excursion, I fell upon Prinz Myshkin, it clicked in my head, and lunch was decided.


Who eats Mexican salad in Germany? I did, also demolishing more than my share of my fiance's meal. I regret not trying more Indian, as we found a whole section of Indian restaurants one day. I made up for it by allowing him a few bites of the yogurt-based cheesecake I chose for dessert.

Every time I saw the word bio, I wondered if we could steal the term and bring it back to Philly with us. Saying the word organic out loud: it's a tedious, yet often necessary distinction. Bio, man. It rolls.

Of course there was beer in every which way. Pretzels were as common as bread and several times more fresh. Once you get the beer halls and strudel out of the way, there's a lot more going on here. Fruit and vegetables colored everything, we found no reason to worry about that. In-season chanterelles appeared on every menu. Even the dates and apricots in our hotel room were nature's candy reserved for Munich before all.

You don't even have to skip the sausage. I spotted these only-in-Germany alternatives at a health food store. Damn, now my post is about sausage and you all know me too well.

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