Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now Playing: Cantina at Distrito

We've got an hour before Inglourious Basterds plays at the Bridge.

Sounds like two bar stools at Distrito for a swift, inexpensive meal. Fast food at Distrito? With the lower-priced downstairs menu that came out this week, this is a doable feast. Why would you ever settle for a burrito at Chipotle when portabella tacos are $5 a trio? Even the loneliest person in the world could not.

First up, the $5 Cantina Margarita, a formidable reminder that not all margs taste like the dirty bathwater of Sour Patch Kids. Even the lowliest margarita on Distrito's roster is a goddamn blessing.

Mouth properly agitated, have a go at the meatless offerings, a more promising selection than Distrito was previously known for. There are the portabella tacos with shredded radish on top, perfect 3-bite bar food. There are two $6 Mission-style quesadillas, one a traditional queso, the other a pepper & onion match held together with cheese, black beans, rice, and avocado. It comes with a fiery bitch of a salsa, the condiment that I often refer to as "Fun Dip". The $6 veggie enchilada is a dish you've seen here before, but enchiladas, man. Who has time for forks? Build your meal out with plantains, nachos Ignacio, or the sweet corn with chipotle.

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steve said...

I like your blog....helps me out in finding some cool veggie goodies...without all the legwork. Thanks!