Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Tiffin 'Za

Oh, hello. Tiffin does pizza now. But is it really pizza? Can two people effectively split a kati roll? Does anyone need stuffed paratha with their pizza/kati meal? Will they make you diet Masala Pepsi?

We needed a rainy night to find out.

1) 3 veggie Indian pies to choose from. Decisions used to be so simple. Saag paneer, you're up. Who hasn't scooped saag paneer with a piece of naan before and called it dinner? The crust is an extremely thin, cracker-like flatbread, with a thin layer of spinach and two cheeses - ricotta and cottage. It's a mellow, cheesy ride, but I miss the lustrous spinach of my favorite Indian dish. It just doesn't get a word in edgewise. I think the spicier Paneer Tikka pie is a better match for me.

2) The fun part: Street foodies will write sonnets on the table in their own finger grease over the kati rolls. The Paneer do Pyoza was big enough for two as a side. The wrap contains cottage cheese (it reminds me so much of marinated tofu here), grilled onions, specks of mint, and devilish chutney. Slathered with an egg wash, it's $5 of good idea. It also comes in potato & herb.

3) I couldn't even look at the paratha. What? I couldn't. We counted on the Pyaz paratha (onions and herbs), because there was already too much paneer in our possession. Onion fans, where the hell are you? The one bite of paratha I took was the last thing I tasted until I wrangled with my toothbrush.

4) I didn't ask if they'd put cumin, black pepper, and black salt in Diet Pepsi. Only a communist would do that.
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