Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vegan Cupcakes Really Do Take Over the World

You're opening a bakery, you say. It's gluten-free, raw, only for people within a certain BMI range, open on Wednesdays, fair-trade, sugar-free, the big O, low-tax-bracket, and damn if it ain't vegan as well. Welcome, congratulations, good luck. The dawn of niche bakeries has arrived in Philadelphia, after blacking out  in New York, where it's now an oddity to find an old-fashioned, artery-hardening pastry shop. Anyone, I tell you, can bake a vegan cupcake. There are books upon books that simplify it for you. It might not be stupendous, but it'll look darling, sickeningly so.

I love a baked good. If it's absolutely necessary. Because if it's just there to look pretty and it's clogging up prime retail space for a store that sells nut butter or great, life-saving tights, among other possible utilities, I'll leave it. Here are the newcomers and what to expect:

The Niche Bakers

Bella Sera Cafe: Opening in Fishtown in early October, offering 100% vegan pastry and coffee. The sweets list reads like the full line of Vegan Treats in Bethlehem. If that's the case, I'm sold. There are some real Vegan Treats freaks out there and it took this blog forever to recover.

Sweet Freedom Bakery:  As Grub Streeted about yesterday, this one's coming to South St. in November. Their goods promise to be so free of everything that you wonder what's in them. Deliciousness, perhaps? I'll let you know how the gluten/dairy/egg/wheat/soy-free, no-refined-sugar desserts play out.

Buttercream Cupcake Truck - Have yet to hit this one yet, the ever-tweeting cupcake mobile. They are working on a vegan cupcake. 

Sweetie's Pie Diner: Entirely vegetarian, with sweet or savory pies, this early October contender might relieve my overwhelmed teeth with a slice of something containing vegetables. Do excite.

The Classic Bakers

Flying Monkey: Not vegan, cupcakes can be dry, you have to fantasize about buttercream to be into these. The brownies are decadent and winning. Real storefront outside of the Reading Terminal Market location just opened.

Whipped Bakeshop:  All I really want in life is a ZoĆ« Lukas wedding cake. There. I said it. Her bakehouse will come to Belgrade St. in Fishtown this fall.

Philly Cupcake: The warning came from Phoodie. I don't think I can try cupcakes from here without thinking about the long conversations I had with Mike, the baker that made me respect the Muffin. It might not feel right.

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Wild Thyme Kitchen said...

Don't forget about cupmakes!

They are absolutely not vegan, and there is nothing artisan about them. But they certainly belong in the annals of philly cupcake lore: