Monday, October 12, 2009

Gluten-free Peanut Butter & Johnny

This weekend I tried the Johnnycakes recipe from the BabyCakes cookbook. They were a cross between a cornmeal biscuit and a cookie, very crumbly with a nice sprinkle of sea salt on top and a drizzle of agave for that salty/sweet quest. They were a welcome change for breakfast.

The "peanut butta caramel crispy" from North Port Fishington Cookie Factory is my new thing. I know you have to try something twice before it becomes your new thing, but I'm that confident. If you were ever American enough to know what Little Debbie Star Crunch is like, imagine this as the gluten-free version. The chew of caramel is an unparalleled thing.


frostingshots said...

Thank you so much for trying out the Johnny Cake recipe! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed them.

Best Wishes,
BabyCakes NYC

Doreva said...

I am not on a vegan or gluten-free diet but I like making Christina Pirello's rice krispie treat makeover which uses:

- crispy brown rice cereal
- brown rice syrup
- cashew butter (could use peanut or almond)
- chocolate chips or grain-sweetened chocolate chips are optional

I think the recipe is in her first cookbook.