Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stogo Turns Me into Some Kind of Salivating at the Case Sampler

I try not to take advantage of the "sample all you want" concept. It's very filling. What do I do at Capogiro? Well, don't gasp, but I'm not a huge fan of dairy. That's why I went to Stogo.

At Stogo, the dairy-free ice cream parlor in the East Village, I pointed at the ever-popular salted caramel pecan and took a stab at the cookie dough. I was only tasting around, though, because I knew I was gunning for the spelt red velvet cake.

It's got BabyCakes cupcakes in it (also sold at the store). How could I not spoon with that?

The ice cream here is quite impressive, made of soy, coconut, or hemp base. The texture is much thicker than regular ice cream, with more of a mousse-like consistency.  This one made me want a cupcake, which I denied until much later at the actual BabyCakes. They were out of Red Velvet, though, so I chose gluten-free vanilla. I also got to sample a BabyCakes doughnut, which now makes it even harder to make a decision from the pastry case there.

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FrostingShots said...

We love the name of your blog, it's so clever! We're happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to Stogo, and that you liked the cupcake, too! Thank you so much for posting.

BabyCakes NYC