Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stumptown Lovers Weekend: Hub Bub Coffee & Stumptown at Ace Hotel

On the Saturday of epic rain, I holstered my umbrella and set out completely uncaffeinated.

Was I certifiable?

I climbed onto the el at Girard and jumped off at 40th Street. The torrent stopped five times and precisely five times I opened my umbrella again. During a clear minute, I approached the Hub Bub Coffee truck at 38th and Spruce.

 Bright. Shiny. Red. Waiting. Weather what?

The proprietor was a fine soul and we chatted about the Stumptown tasting at Savona and the Ace Hotel in NYC. He promised to be there until 2pm on Saturdays. The coffee was deep and mystic and elvish and I kept stopping in the middle of the street to talk to myself about how insanely right it was. That's why drinking coffee alone is hazardous. I had my video camera and I wanted to sit my coffee down and put a mic on it.

This is my new everything photo
I walked to 30th Street Station, draining my cup and knew immediately that I would grab the first train to NYC, which would deposit me a few blocks from the Ace Hotel and its Stumptown coffeebar.  On the train, I tore into my croissant from Hub Bub, which was beautiful, you know.

At Stumptown, I went for straight up coffee again and picked up a bag of Ethiopian Mordecofe. I was glad to see how many coffees they carried. The lobby of the hotel serves as the seating area for the shop and I felt like I'd be an asshole to interrupt the perfect scene (like a library/laboratory in a hunting lodge where the internet had died) by acting like a blogger. This is perhaps the most awkward by way of magnificent hotel lobby that you can find on the East Coast. It's pretty ugly. I wanted to spend the night there but that many soy macchiatos might kill me.

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Nicole Snyder said...

I've stayed at the Ace in Portland and Palm Springs. Both hotels satisfy most of my criteria when traveling. I'm hoping to stay at the NY Ace soon, but I'll probably wait until they have a deal that can get me into a higher end room for less. I've learned that with the Ace its not even worth it (well in my opinion) to stay in one of the more standard rooms. They are experts at using space, so the standard rooms can really be tiny-- the decor is usually toned down to. The higher end rooms are so much more satisfying.

I will admit that one of the top benefits of staying at the Ace is the Stumptown coffee. When we were staying at the Ace in Palm Springs it was awesome to have a nice french press of Hairbender delivered to the patio in the morning. Its just one of those things that I enjoy-- it makes me choose one hotel over another. Great, now I'm dreaming of ricotta pancakes.