Thursday, October 1, 2009

Upgrade You

I always said that wedding registries exist so that people who are crazy enough to be life partners can be rewarded in materialistic ways. If I want a kitchen gadget, I Amazon Prime that. Love is free 2-day shipping.

When you find yourself creating one, it's still the same, but you get it. People buy you things and then drink whatever they spent at the open bar reception. Alright, it's really fun that the UPS guy has been here every day this week dropping off engagement swag. And yes, it's true, domestically banal as it sounds: fuzzy logic rice cookers do make things even hotter.

What's new in the kitchen of the vegetarian betrothed?

Kitchen-Aid 12-Cup Food Processor
Zojirushi Rice Cooker
Stainless steel salad spinner and lettuce knife


tastymoog said...

That's some nice swag.

I think the only reason my man and I would NOT elope is so that we could score the kitchen aid artisan mixer (apple green!), 7 qt Cuisinart stainless food processor (it HAS to be the square, single button one!), and puzzle wine rack-- our most lusted after kitchen items.

Kelly said...

Eloping is the way to go. Less crazy. We're having the wedding for family. And maybe the cake.

tastymoog said...

mmm, cake. ok, that's def another reason to not elope.

hah i linked the puzzle wine rack twice. well, it is prettier than a food processor...

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