Thursday, December 10, 2009

Come Get Brain Freeze With Me Tomorrow, This Weekend, and Beyond

I'll be at the Vegan Scoop Ice Cream Tasting and book signing tomorrow if anyone wants to show me their best ice cream mustache. I will even fight you for the honor.

The Humane League is having a holiday party on Saturday at the Ethical Society if you're trying to win something for your dog. As I'm not the world's most activistic type, I will likely be championing some other cause involving warmth, whiskey, and bad decisions. But here you are, in need of details:

And who would have thought that U Penn Bookstore was vegan during December? The bookstore that you and I never go to is bringing Jonathan Safran Foer back to Philly for a book signing on December 15. If you missed his reading at the Free Library, here's your make-up. I do excite.

New Year's Eve should be about devouring one last incredible plate of food before you wake up in 2010 and want to REMEMBER something. You would never forget a 7 course for $75 blowout at Horizons. And if you did, I would just blog it all up for you like you were there. Snag those res at

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