Monday, December 21, 2009

Restaurant Foreplay: Thoreau

Opening Late January. 1033 Spring Garden. Vegetarian "grille" from Chef Mike Jackson of Blue Sage in Southampton.

Chef is like some poet - maybe Walt Whitman.

Chef is intent on riding the "Loft District" magic pony. Works for us.

Private micro-farm and outdoor seating to come.

BYO through April while waiting for liquor license.

Menu promises at least 60 of my favorite things; there is nothing on this list that I would turn down.

Ratatouille sliders, blue corn asparagus tacos, plantain empanadas

The components in each dish do bring on a claustrophobic attack for culinary minimalists. I like to fly in airplanes crammed with people but some of these descriptions sound overly ambitious.

Vegetarian restaurants are your friend. But some of your friends have finer cooking skills and greater knowledge of ingredients than others.

Let's reconvene next year.