Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hot But Not Heavy: Veg Valentine's Dinner

After reading about sex-enhancing foods in the February issue of Vegetarian Times (seriously, VT, back off my shtick), I got to thinking: how do I turn up the volume on seductive dinnertime in the Vedge household?

My tempeh meatloaf really sucked the other day.

Last year's V dinner at Mi Lah was a mostly lukewarm occasion that made me wish we'd cooked at home. We had spent the better half of the day getting pedicures and screaming profanities and indulging in fan nature at a Flyers game. An inspiring bout of romantics. We might even keep that tradition alive this year, but there's more out there, if you're the dine-em-and-do-em type.

If you're going to do flowers, get 'em at Beautiful Blooms in Liberties Walk, which has changed the way I feel about bouquets as viable forms of expression. You could even get kale bunches.

Horizons is running a five course dinner on Valentine's night, with two seatings and $60 price tag. This is potentially what you would spend trying to make a similar wow-me meal in the home kitch, but does anybody make Saffron and Olive Oil Poached Tofu the way that Rich can? Kate's Coconut Mille-feuille sounds like a finish that you haven't tried yet. Reserve your two-top here. Maybe you could bring a third person and be that table.

Thoreau should also be open by the beginning of February, but seeing as they're not open on Sundays (maybe they'll think about it?), you could start here on Saturday, do it all night, and wake up the next morning with this recipe for Red Velvet Valentine's Pancakes from the Blooming Platter of Vegan Recipes? How good does that look in the morning?

Koo Zee Doo is one of our most loved newcomers and is plenty stimulating for vegetarians - order the chocolate salami. These are close quarters with suggestive lighting.

Before we forget, the Flyers Valentine's Package is not too special unless you care about the included scoreboard message. Buy two regular tickets and spend the extra on a Truffles Birdie Box from Sjaak's vegan chocolates. Or a bunch of vegan Marshmallow Hearts from Sweet & Sara. Happy thumping.

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