Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss January Would Be a Vegan

  • Philly Cupcake is touting their new line of vegan cupcakes. After sampling the regular kind last month, I've been meaning to return -- you can actually taste the vanilla bean in the vanilla cupcake. According to their Twitter teasing, vegan flavors include chocolate, vanilla bean and red velvet (non-Carmine). Frostings are pb, choco & vanilla BETTERcreams and CreamTease!  
    I'm going to pair one with a new Panama Elida Estate coffee we ordered from Verve. If that justifies much.
  • It is not advisable to miss Vegan Cocktails Philly at Cantina Dos on January 20 from 5-8pm. This is one of the few places where vegans and goat-eaters don't get all weird on each other.
  • When the Farmer's Market at the Piazza begins on Saturday, real bread and vegetables and I will dance together with a chopping knife, and the resulting sound will drown out the lies of the American song.

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