Sunday, January 10, 2010

Veg Out NYC: Blossom

Bathroom mirror at Ace Hotel

After an excellent meal at vegan Korean hotspot Hangawi near our hotel on Tuesday, I was sated.

I was not prepared for Wednesday's dinner at Blossom to be quite so close in terms of excellence. After my experience at the owner's chocolate cafe, Cocoa V, I was prepared to stay away from the dessert menu.

The other person at the table who likes ravioli (who likes ravioli? long sighs at you!) ordered that again. Didn't they remember that vegan ravioli is basically a cashew shitting out more cashew? From Monday's ravioli fling at Candle 79? From every vegan ravioli movie ever made?

So I didn't want anything to do with an app that was sinking in a lake of cashew cream that you could have put a straw in your mouth and sipped from.

The seitan skewer was remarkably better, an answer to Horizon's barbecue seitan, although not quite as zesty.

We tried both the Port Wine Seitan, so thinly cut that it had a wonderful sear, and a Hickory Tempeh with Horseradish Creme Fraiche, that I would like to eat again as soon as possible. Tempeh is a rare mistress of mine. Although I do not mind it and often enjoy the texture, I usually find myself alone in that opinion. Here, it was daring and succulent, not the least bit dry. The accompanying fingerling potatoes played like cheese fries wrapped in the thick horseradish gravy. Even the collard greens were stunning. This was the meal of the week, and it didn't stop there.

The ravioli fan decided that he was a dessert groupie. I mumbled for some coffee and let it happen.

The chocolate ganache redeemed all chocolate wrongs done to me by this establishment. I never order the "chocolate dessert" from menus because it is often formulaic and isn't worth the sugar hit. I'm glad and relieved that we tried this.

The next day, after deciding on a wedding gown and happy to still have a 24-inch waist, I headed to another Blossom location, the cafe on the Upper East Side, for a late lunch. Would it be the naughty-sounding soy bacon cheeseburger? There's very little room for fake food in my diet, but I found a spot for this.

You know how good it was.

I will certainly add Blossom to my NYC rotation.

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