Monday, February 22, 2010

Market Haul, Falafel Factory, and Healthy Bites to Go

The Piazza Farmer's Market has relocated to Germantown behind the Piazza since that white stuff happened. I honestly hope it stays there. Going down the line is a better way to survey the goodness, as opposed to circling the vendors with no decisive start.

Wild Flour was at the ready with their Yards-infused breads. Now if only the Foodery had a stand there to get down to business with. We tasted a rye bread with IPA and a sweet bread that was jacked with Pale Ale, cardamom, chocolate, and orange zest.The one we took home was the Yards ESA Multi-Grain. Toasted with some almond butter, the sturdy slice had lots of malty flavor. Extra special? Yes.

Whole wheat tomato pie from Big Sky Bread was our final treat. The market connects the path from home to gym, and after an amazing workout, coming back to rutabagas and carrots is just the thing.


Post-denim shopping in Rittenhouse, where I normally lament the dining options because every restaubar there might as well be the same thing, we hit the new falafel outpost: Falafel Factory. Yes, it screamed chain and there were pictures on the menu, but that didn't stop us from trying the barbecue falafel. They only had fried because there weren't baked falafel left, which was a let-down. It was odd to have pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce on a falafel, but certainly not bad at all.  I wouldn't frequent this place if the carts were open, but it would do in a falafel emergency. 

A final venture this weekend brought me to Healthy Bites to Go, Katie Cavuto Boyle's delivery and health food takeout in Grays Ferry. Seating was tight in the small market, but the point is to grab your tasty, nutritious staples and meals and get back to your life. It's convenience in the most local, sensible way. There are a few vegetarian selections, though not as many as I thought there would be. For breakfast, there are egg paninis with kale pesto, a vegetarian frittata, quinoa breakfast cereal, Tofutti cream cheese bagels, and muffins from Wild Flour Bakery. Lunch means sandwiches with kalamata olive and thyme white bean spread or cheddar and apple. There is Zahav hummus for sale and some interesting side dishes. Delivery seems expensive if you already have the time to cook lunch/dinner. I was seriously happy with my quinoa cereal with cranberries, cinnamon, sliced almonds, and agave, and enjoyed it outside in yesterday's sunshine. Could I make the same thing at home? Easily, but Katie makes me want to, and if I lived in Grays Ferry, I could see myself heading there on quinoa-low mornings in search of a fix.


Lauren said...

whoa...I always go to el camino on monday nights (for bingo).
and dang, I thought about going to see if the piazza farmer's market was going on, then figured they still hadn't plowed out the piazza. i had no idea that there was yard's-infused bread. i need that in my life. it combines my two favorite things, beer and bread.

Eric said...

it was nice finally meeting you two. thanks for the shots again! well have to meet up again soon. cheers.

Kelly said...

thank you for the shiners, josh and i thought that was a perfect touch. we'd love to hang out with you both soon. shoot me an email with the words beer, coffee, or seitan, and it's game on.

Eric said...

we only thought it was fitting something from Texas :) Yeah whats your email? Going to be at bingo tonight???!

Kelly said...

We went to the El Bar to check out a jazz band, but we'll be at bingo next Monday. Let's do something this week.