Friday, March 26, 2010


I broke down and purchased a container of Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows. It must have taken 40 tries. Each time I had an excuse:

What the hell will I do with a bunch of marshmallows?

Marshmallows are for children.

Look at all of these ingredients.

Nothing good can come of this.

This is what vegan girls buy to cry in when their vegan boyfriends crash and burn on bacon at PYT.

The girl at the counter smiled understandingly and gushed about how "so GOOOOD" they were.

Then I noticed that they were actually quite good. Especially the strawberry guy. Even "so GOOOOD" if I was feeling particularly stirred.

Mr. Vedge says they are better than regular marshmallows. He's right, from what I remember, but regular marshmallows aren't exactly the most exciting confections on the planet.

The question remains: What the hell will I do with a bunch of marshmallows? Make my own Sweet and Sara S'mores?


Nicole Snyder said...

where did you get them? I've only looked for them occassionally, so its not like I've been on some life quest; but it seems whenever I look I can not find.

Oh, and obv to the smores. Could also dip in some fondue concoction I assume. If thats your thing.

Eric said...

Keep those away from Lauren... she might steal/eat them all. I bought here some Dandies a whiles back and the S'mores never stop :)

Kelly said...

You guys have to try them later!

Nicole - I found mine at Pink Dolphin, but I've seen them at Essene and at the Foodery in NL.

tastymoog said...

semi-related, concerning your sidebar: did you eat all the chocolove almond + sea salt bars @ pink dolphin? ;) I got one a few weeks ago, went to get another last week, and they were all gone. green & black's peanut and sea salt version just isn't the same.

Kelly said...

they had them last night. i only bought one, i swear.