Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Full Vegan Brunch

It's like A Full Plate raided my mind, confiscated what I'd like for brunch if I could have anything I wanted, and made the rain taper off for the two minutes that it would take to walk to their Liberties Walk location.

Here I was, completely dry, staring at some chalkboard specials that advertised black and blue pancakes and vegetarian bacon. Those pancakes turned out to be vegan and whipped up with sweet potato, spiced little silver dollars that were moist and tart with pockets of berries.

After we ordered, out came Baker E from Foodaphilia, bearing a selection of pastries to start off with. When you see E coming at you with some baked goods, you feel like nothing bad will ever happen again. She informed us that the coconut pastry was vegan, a soft, cakey biscuit painted with a light dab of frosting and toasted coconut shreds.

The tempeh bacon had the right amount of grease suggestion with that savory, smoky, tempeh-done-right flavor. I tend to stay away from imitation meat products, but the facts are that tempeh is a real food. A tempeh strip that tastes like tempeh rather than bacon is an example of a flavorful protein source. Calling it vegetarian bacon is just a way of describing how it is served. We loved it quite so.

Also on our table was the veggie sausage and biscuits, as affectionately blogged about in the past. Three years later and it's still that good.

For a full vegan brunch that doesn't involve a ton of substitutions, a Spanish Inquisition, or a flour-covered kitchen, this is at the top of our list.


Eric said...

Hmm...those pancakes look good. Its funny we almost went there on Saturday, unfortunately we were running late so that didn't happen.

Lauren said...

Haha, yep we were so close to going there! Those coconut pastries look really good.

YEA BINGO TONIGHT! I am ready to dominate (not really).
Are you guys going?

purplesque said...

Came here looking for a cheese hoagie. LOVE your tagline.

RhodeyGirl said...

WOW. I have to make it there to try the brunch for myself. Thank you for sharing your experience!