Sunday, March 21, 2010

Green Oil

Green tea + soy + your sweetener of choice (I'm packing Truvia). Soy Cafe. An energy fix that's iced in wellness.

As part of the upcoming wedding prep, I had a makeup consultation at Moko Salon in Old City. Skin goddess Kelley Hughes created my look using all natural makeup. My face felt clean the rest of the day and my skin could breathe. I returned for a facial a week later and again walked out feeling amazing and revived. I purchased a cleanser and moisturizer from Pratima, an ayurvedic skincare line that you can find at Moko. Both are packed with essential oils and I've noticed a dramatic difference in the smoothness of my skin. Since I started using almond oil two years ago, it's been my best friend. All I can tell you, dryness sufferers, is that applying oil twice a day will solve at least 90% of your problems.

Dinner at Horizons will solve the last 10%, every time. I finally tried the Vietnamese tacos (the only appetizer I hadn't tasted) and thus amended my ways. I had absolute love for it, especially the crispy tempeh. I was most curious, however, about the toasted basil marshmallow that accompanied the vegan cheesecake with pineapple salsa. That is some holistic business right there.