Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoreau, Indian-Style

It's clear that there have been changes at Thoreau. The service is smooth. The ambiance seems more relaxed. Flatware is replenished. Water is refilled with a Vetri-like consistency. The dining room even feels more spacious.

The rosemary garnishes remain. The portions still triumph over any appetite.

We accepted it this time and skipped an app. Both entrees were packed up to go in the end, but what we did taste proved memorable and creative enough to go with us as well.

My Khorma was mild, but the flavors were so unique and developed that my initial crack about needing hot sauce? I take it back. He aimed for the Green Curry Shepherd's Pie, a large bowl of deep, serious green-sauced couscous with islands of golden beets and a volcano of piped yams. It was my lunch the next day, and I fished out all of the broccolini trees and pretended that I was wearing strappy wedges with a Reiss two-piece in St. Lucia already.

Our more sensible meal let us move on to the Hazelnut Toffee Basket. The vegan buttercream mousse lacked a richness (think Whole Foods evil vegan mousse that stands in its own state of goodness), bruleed bananas are always a sweet thing, and a giant cookie on top of anything served in a martini glass is a bit of a tired concept. It wasn't earth-shattering like the Butterscotch Pudding Parfait.

We had a leisurely walk home in the near-balmy weather. There are few final courses that top a nice post-dinner stroll.

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Miss Rachels Pantry said...

I can't wait to go back! I've been craving the summer rolls since I was there last. Dessert looks awesome!