Sunday, March 28, 2010

Veg Out: Veggie Taco Tour

Whenever there's a chill in the air I like to combat it with a little bit of taco.

And if it stays that way, non-stop taco.

So this weekend was my tribute to the feisty, enigmatic nourishment that is taco.

It began with a special appetizer at Thoreau: peanut avocado tacos. Super sexy with a rich peanut sauce and silky avocado. The crunch-heavy blue corn tortillas were a smash. If they add these to the menu permanently, I will be that much closer to understanding bliss.

Then Coup de Taco truck showed up for the party at the Farmer's Market in the Piazza.

We have been stalking this truck and were like giddy schoolgirls when it finally pulled up and began taco assembly. There was some BBQ seitan (with apples instead of slaw for vegans). Sweet with a bit of sass.

Then there was Tikka Masala Tofu. I want abusive heat in my Indian fusion taco, but this was pretty excellent. The tofu was nice and firm, the spices were flirtatious.

I like to use tacos as a way to work in leftovers or veg that needs to be taken care of. Sweet potatoes or leftover tofu are regular taco players here. We're currently waiting on a tortilla press from Amazon, which should result in further healthy taco nirvana.

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b said...

thanks for the taco tweet on saturday. i made it to the coup just in time to grab the last tikka of the day :)