Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Babycakes in Philly

I haven't had Babycakes since...oh...January (Veg Out NYC: Breslin Bar, Candle 79, Babycakes). That's just no good. I enjoy Sweet Freedom Bakery on South Street and baking on my own, but when I heard that I could order the new Wonder Bun via FedEx? Of course I did it. I'm that interested in a healthier cinnamon bun. I have dabbled in spelt flour cinnamon buns before - The Cranberry Finally Realizes Full Potential - and considered this part of my experimentation.

They shipped them overnight.

Submerged in packing peanuts. I felt really bad because it's Earth Day week and here I am being a Babycakes princess.

Moisture on the box.  Ultra-girly packaging and info about storing. I plan on freezing a few of these.

They don't look like the appetizing treats that you normally associate with the Babycakes pastry case, but hey, that's plastic wrapping for you. I'd like to see them use individual paper boxes. It should look like this.

Looks aside, they were moist, dense, gooey, and appropriately-sweetened. There is a barely there frosting on top and it tastes more like a cinnamon apple cake, both of which I am pro. We cut one in half and confessed our love for this new visitor. We both decided that it was our new favorite Babycakes item (and I've been around that block one too many times).

Babycakes delivers on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but you have to order 3 days in advance. More information on their site.

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Lauren said...

Mmmmm. I think we are heading to NYC tomorrow, & I might have to grab one of these.

I hope you are feeling better!