Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Breakfast Tyrant

Breakfast questions. I always get them. I often play the role of family dietitian and beating people up when they don't eat breakfast doesn't work, so I always have a nice recipe or suggestion as backup.

It is easily my favorite meal.  I like a little bit of fat to satisfy (nuts/nut butters, Earth balance or oils in scones, muffins, pancakes), some type of grain, some kind of fruit, and definitely prefer the sweeter side. For the rest of the day I stick to mostly veg, savory and very little sugar.

I was inspired to make my own quinoa porridge after digging on the Healthy Bites To Go version. I've been preparing overnight muesli twice a week for the both of us. The tall drink of water gets absolutely giddy hot and bothered when he sees the cutting board and the dried fruit and nut containers out in their muesli assembly line, around midnight.

This time, I cooked a batch of quinoa with cinnamon first and then chilled it overnight.If you require something hearty in the morning, do this.

Even quicker is my muesli recipe:

Ex-cuse me miss; what's your name?

And nearly as fast are the Babycakes scones, that I've been making with different add-ins:

Raspberry Scones

When he turns into master of breakfast, I can always guarantee there will be millet involved.

We switched to the vegan version awhile ago, it's the millet that finally did him in.

He uses a sturdy maple. I drizzle agave over mine.

I used to eat a lot of greek yogurt. Now it comes and goes in phases - sometimes the thought of dairy - even if it's a protein-packed, calcium-rich, live and active cultured, organic source - turns me off. Other times, like post-workout, I crave Chobani, with some flax or granola swirled in. Coconut milk and soy yogurts are simply not palatable to me.

The cashew smoothie is another golden breakfast opportunity:

Morning Do: Cashew Smoothie

Last weekend, we were at a family brunch and yes, family was on track with delicious early-day edibles:

The poached eggs atop portabellas hit me with a come-hither stare. We split one and then I realized that I hadn't had a poached egg in a year and wanted a plain poached egg. You won't see eggs in our breakfast repertoire, but that's because we only eat them out and never buy them. There are so many cool baking methods to swap for eggs in our cooking. Still, this was a totally worthy start.

Kir royales, arugula salad, fruit salad, and Di Bruno cream cheese and hummus on a Metro multigrain bagel half? Simple, classic, brunch-perfect Rittenhouse. Not something we do at home, but still nice on occasion.


Eric said...

my eyes hurt from those waffle recipes :D

ellie said...

I agree- breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too, findit hard to be swayed from my oats made up with sugar free blackcurrant cordial/water or just with water, cinammon and ginger but now that spring is coming i'm always on the look out for lighter options so thanks for all of these lovely ideas!