Monday, April 5, 2010

Chickpea Power

Brunch at N 3rd enveloped into a walk to Washington Square, a reading of Chef Pitsillides rants posted in the window at Kanella, and some ingredient acquisition at Whole Foods. We had a couple of basics from yesterday's farmer's market, but needed some final touches. We made a dandelion and red leaf lettuce (both were insanely fresh and the dandies were stilled covered in mud) salad with crumbled bleu, roasted chickpeas, flaxseed, tomato, and sliced red pear, with grilled whole grain baguette for dinner.

I also got a head start on today's lunch, Chunky Artichoke and Chickpea salad, a Horizon's recipe from Vegetarian Times. Had to use up the rest of those chickpeas, and this was a few quick seconds of food processing action. Instead of buying cornichons and artichokes from a jar, we scooped up what we needed from the Whole Foods olive bar, because it's like a garden of salty goodness.Olive bars are very close to being as good as actual bars.

I've had a similar appetizer at Horizons past year that came with ground seitan, and well, this was just as inspired as that. I love cold, creamy vegan lunch salads, over greens or spread on dark, grainy toast, and this is no exception. It's an instant refresher. Do not forget the cornichons if you try this. They are key for that pickle-y zip.


Jenny said...

I don't own the cookbook. I looked on the Vegetarian Times site, I can't find this recipe. It looks wonderful. Is it somewhere I can get to it?

Kelly said...

It's in the May issue, email me if you want the recipe and I'll send it.

Jason said...

I agree; Olive bars are nearly as good as alcohol bars.