Friday, April 9, 2010

Kitchen Tart

There are so many right things about this Lululemon Beat the Heat dress. It's a reversible, multi-option number that I fell in immediate lust with. It has a bit of swing in the skirt and I tried it on both ways in the black/white-gray before I made it mine. You can even roll down the top for a different look and since I am rather mercurial when it comes to dressing, I think this will be a good, stable addition to my closet.

The fabric, which is made of VitaSea, feels cool to the touch and slips comfortably over the skin. This is a sporty dress, sure, but I knew I could amp it up. I rifled through some shoe boxes in the closet.

Look 1 - Add a strand of pearls and shockingly cushy skyscraper patent slingbacks. There you are for cocktails, dancing, man-walking, what have you.

Look 2 - The black date number, decked out with the Louboutins. The Beat the Heat dress as Set it on Fire dress. Then hunch your shoulders forward like you didn't do it.

Look 3 - Music festivals are like saunas. Some standing-for-long-periods-of-time sandals and a hat to salute the sun are all this dress needs.

Look 4 - Dinner somewhere spicy. Strappy, delicate gold heels do justice to the ankles, a chunky gold choker defines, and a tube top turns this adaptable spirit into a skirt.

So, when you ask if it's acceptable to wear Lululemon (smokingest workout gear on the planet) outside of your workout, I give you my word that it is. You don't have to look like a pilates instructor in doing so.

The dress isn't listed on the website yet, but you can find it at the Walnut Street store in a couple of colors.

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