Friday, April 9, 2010

Tempeh University Summer Semester

Sweet Freedom Bakery has tomato pie now...we stopped in for some but it wasn't ready yet. Meal Ticket has photos and Drew is right - Daiya does kind of taste like butter.

Sprig & Vine has added lunch and dinner menus to their website.

PYT mentioned a grilled tempeh burger among new additions. I would go tackle one right now but I had braised tempeh for lunch. 

Healthy Bites is teaching a Vegetarian and Vegan Creations cooking class on April 22, details here. It would probably be more useful for my omni readers and the newlyveg than the lifers.

There's a Food Blogger Bake Sale at a Full Plate Cafe on Saturday, April 17, part of the Great American Bake Sale. I'm contributing some vegan blondies and there will be tons of delicious bakestuffs.

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