Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two New Lunch Trucks For the Veggie Truck Foodist

 Santa fe wrap at Magic Carpet Food Cart

We get lunch truck crazy around here when Coup de Taco shows up in the hood on Saturday afternoons (very unpredictably, we might add). But last Saturday, we saw a different kind of truck advertising organic food outside of Penn Treaty Park - boasting mushroom rolls and iced green tea, two of our favorite things. We imagine the rolls are summer rolls and although we had already eaten, we asked the cook where he would be parked in the future. He told us he'd like to get a spot at 4th and Spring Garden and we said we'd look out for him. Nicest, friendliest truck people ever, only we wish we had remembered the name of this vendor just so it seems more real.

Then we caught word on Meal Ticket that there will be a sausage truck at Headhouse Square on Sunday, Renaissance Sausage, complete with a vegetarian link and wild rice/wheatberry salad.  And here I thought I'd never eat at a sausage truck. The best part - they make it themselves with local vegetables and vegetable proteins. See. You. There.


Eric said...

I like food out of trucks... 4th and spring garden eh. Ill have to keep these eyes peeled.

Emily said...

I walked right on by that truck today because it said "sausage." I was hungry, too! Wish I'd known they had a veggie version!

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