Friday, April 16, 2010

Viva Vegan: Finally, Someone Referred to Tempeh As Sexy and It Wasn't Me

As soon as I saw the photo for Arepas with Sexy Avocado-Tempeh Filling in Viva Vegan, I started to blush to a lighter shade of pale. I always say that tempeh is a shunned genius who, given the right circumstances, could blow us all away.

I texted the grocery man and asked for masa harina flour for the arepas. He scoured the Michelle Obama Fresh Grocer and brought home what we thought was a sure thing.

Only then did I analyze the intro and discover that we actually needed "masarepa" that should say "Harina Pan" on the bag. I had the Mexican style; we needed the Colombian kind. I am Mexican and I do have Mexican style. It just did me no good here.

I sulked, went for a run, and came back to see that Masa Man had the cutest balls of flaxseeded tortilla dough all ready for Taco #65498 to be made in our kitchen. His mom and sister were on their way over to refer to tempeh with us. I made my first Palomas for the girls, with some crazy bitters and Maldon flaked salt. I tried to get them to say the words "sexy tempeh". No luck.

While there were no arepas that night, the flax tacos with sexy avocado-tempeh filling were a success. It again filled my creamy vegan salad/filling desires. The non-veg ladies loved them. Terry Hope Romero has a winner in Viva Vegan, but be sure to hit up the latin aisle in your grocer for the specifics, and seriously, read through your stuff.

Next up, I can't wait to try the Crepes with Un-Dulce de Leche and Sweet Plantains from VV.

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