Monday, May 10, 2010

Brunch Bagels with Beet "Lox"

How do vegetarians do Mom's Day Brunch? With style and grace, the Babycakes cookbook, and thin slivers of beet for their bagels.

We prepped a ton of excellent espresso-grind iced coffee (Stumptown Bella Carmona), banged out two fresh juices (carrot/orange/pear and grapefruit/mint/blueberry/apple), mimosas, bagels with veggie cream cheese or hummus, slivered beets in place of lox with red onions and capers, fruit salad with dates, mint, and lime, and scones with curd and preserves. We had a cheese plate, nuts, olives, and crackers for mom-pleasing nibbles.

The beet-topped bagels were a winner. Schmeared with some veggie cream cheese, I was all ironed up.

The one recipe that I would die by: the Babycakes scone recipe. I must make them every other week as one of our go-to breakfasts, with various fruits and fillings.

The moms loved them. My mom, ever the skeptic, asked for the ingredients, and was shocked when I told her there wasn't a drop of butter. A scone without butter? And next you'll tell me that you're pregnant.

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Eleanor said...

Looks great! But any ideas for what you could make for a mom who's not only not vegetarian, but is on the Atkins diet?? Sigh... :)