Thursday, May 13, 2010

Discovery Channel

I found this raw gelato from Organic Nectars in the Essene alt-cream aisle. It was pricy at over $9 a pint, but I was so intrigued by it that I knew our cashew-cream-loving apartment would be receptive. Later that night over a dish while watching the Flyers dominate the Bruins, I noticed how long it took to soften up. It did have the consistency of gelato, but I let it sit for a good fifteen minutes to get creamy and slightly melted, the way that I like it. It was very good, but I don't think I'd pay that much for it again. I'd rather enjoy a scoop of Stogo or split a cashew ice cream sundae at Pure Food & Wine with my main squeeze.

I also now have the recipe for those PFW sundaes from the restaurant's cookbook. And this, too:

Because wouldn't it be nice if we had time to cook some indian food during all of this last month wedding planning? I can't even tell anyone that I'm blogging right now or they'll call me a vow-writing slacker.

Yes, I am going to write my vows soon.

A vegan deodorant that doesn't smell like a joke, Duross and Langel's ginger stick is a vegetable protein based odor repellent that is handmade in Philly.  I have wussy, sensitive skin that reacts to the slightest of abrasive ingredients, so I needed something simple and natural.


Eric said...

Hmm I might have to try that deodorant out.. can't use many myself and been running the Lush powder stuff lately.

Allan Smithee said...

This is a belated comment re: earlier entries (photos/otherwise).

You two are a very good looking couple. And congratulations on the upcoming nuptials.

Also, don't be too harsh if he munches on bacon every once in awhile. He seems to be a carnivore who's at least trying to live the vegan diet.


Nicole Snyder said...

i don't mean to be weird, but I've been using the ginger stick for the last month or two and it smells incredible. i adore it.

Kelly said...

Nicole, it's okay to be weird as long as you smell dandy. Eric - get with us on this!

I was in D&L again today and they have a vegan massage stick, too. Nice...

Allan, thank you, I thought so too at first - but as long as you feed him seitan, he doesn't bite. He never backs down in a conversation about food labeling and alternative diets - he is like the Anderson Cooper of vegetarianism.

Lauren said...

I looked at the Duross and Langel web site and I pretty much want everything. I am a sucker for nice smelling beauty products.

And I saw your tweet about Thoreau...NOOOOOO! I was really looking forwarded to eating there again!

Kelly said...

I just put on their soy and olive oil based body cream in blood orange and my skin feels 100% better - i had been using some lame neutrogena lotion before that.

it does suck about thoreau - especially cause i was craving one of their salads and wanted to go yesterday.